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There are a lot of annoying and generally narcissistic behaviors to be careful for in trendy relationship, and certainly one of them is breadcrumbing.

Breadcrumbing is when somebody offers you consideration and validation inconsistently and in small quantities.

They by no means offer you sufficient to make you are feeling like they’re in a dedicated relationship with you, however simply sufficient to make you wonder if there’s the potential of a relationship sooner or later.

(Alternatively, you might already know there’s no future deep down in your intestine, however you get caught within the cycle of responding to their crumbs since you’re hooked.)


The important thing to recollect right here is that anybody can have interaction in breadcrumbing conduct.

There are narcissistic, abusive individuals who breadcrumb, and there are “regular” folks who breadcrumb.

Clearly, the breadcrumbing that abusive folks do would really feel much more traumatic than the breadcrumbing you’d expertise from somebody who is solely indecisive about their love life.

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What Is Breadcrumbing in Courting?

On the coronary heart of it, breadcrumbing in relationship is when somebody retains you round for their very own ends.

  • They aren’t in a relationship with you
  • They aren’t invested in you or your feelings, and
  • They don’t really care about you.

They care in regards to the intercourse, energy and a focus you may give them, although.

And so they won’t wish to absolutely allow you to go. It’s irritating.

They’ll maintain you within the background, providing you with crumbs right here and there that make you are feeling like there could also be hope for a future collectively.

Check out this case a member of ours was in. It showcases some typical purple flags of breadcrumbing in relationship:


And a few of the responses she acquired beneath affirm the breadcrumbing:


In case you are coping with breadcrumbing in relationship and also you contemplate your self to be a “good” lady, I like to recommend you let go of that identification for now, to take care of the breadcrumber successfully.

To take care of breadcrumbers, you’ll be able to’t be too weak. 

Listed here are two phrases you’ll be able to say that can mean you can get your level throughout to a man while additionally retaining your excessive worth.

What Is Breadcrumbing In A Relationship?

Breadcrumbing in a relationship is completely different in that the breadcrumber is formally in a relationship with you (because of marriage or because of simply to labels you’ve collectively placed on the connection).

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Breadcrumbing in a relationship normally happens when:

  • You’ve had a falling out
  • They’re confused about their emotions for you
  • You’ve fallen for and are unique with, a narcissist
  • The opposite individual has progressively misplaced curiosity in you; or
  • They’re dishonest on you

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Breadcrumbing in a relationship is sort of abusive and it’s worse for you within the sense that you just’ve seemingly had an extended historical past with the breadcrumber.

You actually need to work onerous to interrupt that sort of tie.

Why Do Folks Breadcrumb?

Folks breadcrumb for various causes. Keep in mind in the beginning of this text I discussed that there are abusive individuals who breadcrumb, after which there are non abusive individuals who breadcrumb.

So the explanations for breadcrumbing conduct largely depend upon the character of the breadcrumber, and the motivations of the individual doing it.

Let’s take a look at some attainable solutions to the query: why do folks breadcrumb?

  • As a result of there are infinite choices on on-line relationship apps, and so they wish to maintain as many choices open as attainable
  • To seem cool
  • They lack affection and emotional assist
  • As a result of they’re fearful of getting too bored in the event that they lose your consideration and want for them
  • As a result of they’re really a narcissist (that is referred to as narcissistic breadcrumbing conduct)
  • To realize management
  • As a result of they’re torn internally about which individual of their “rotation” is finest for them
  • As a result of they don’t really need you – they need one thing from you
  • They’ve insecure attachment model, particularly they’re an avoidant, anxious, or they’ve disorganized attachment modeldue to this fact they’ll’t present up persistently within the relationship because of incapability to face intimacy

Once more:

There are sinister explanation why folks breadcrumb, after which there are extra “harmless” causes – which normally pertain to their inside uncertainty and their incapability to see their very own actions objectively.

Do Breadcrumbers Know They Are Breadcrumbing?

Some undoubtedly do. And those who do know normally don’t care, and don’t thoughts. They’re simply there to get what they need.

Different breadcrumbers have completely no thought what they’re doing – to you or to themselves.

They don’t understand that because of their egocentric methods, they’re:

  • Decreasing your self worth
  • Severely damaging your emotional and psychological well being; and
  • Sabotaging their very own means to keep up a wholesome relationship long run
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Breadcrumbing Examples

Breadcrumbing conduct manifests in a number of alternative ways. However listed below are some examples:

  • Solely responding to textual content messages late at night time
  • Avoiding emotional intimacy
  • They keep away from defining the connection, after which whenever you ask them to outline the connection, they accuse you of “at all times speaking about your emotions”. Or whenever you point out their previous declarations of affection of dedication in direction of you, they deny it and gaslight you, inflicting you to doubt your self
  • Disappearing for days or even weeks after an extended dialog after which buttering you up
  • Leaving feedback in your social media posts however not responding to different types of communication
  • Their actions don’t match their phrases
  • Ignoring texts and cellphone calls, and solely messaging you on different platforms that require decrease funding. For instance, ignoring your textual content messages however sending you PMs on instagram
  • They out of the blue come on actually robust whenever you start to draw back
  • Supplying you with a number of consideration for a bit, after which disappearing and going silent
  • Speaking about assembly up in individual, however by no means really assembly up
  • Speaking in memes with out actually attending to know you or moving into deeper conversations
  • They solely appear excited about intercourse

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Now I’m going to briefly discuss in regards to the extra sinister motivations for breadcrumbing, the sort utilized by poisonous, narcissistic abusers, referred to as intermittent reinforcement.

how to stay high value

Is Breadcrumbing The Similar As Intermittent Reinforcement?

When a narcissist breadcrumbs you, it’s poisonous and manipulative and it usually creates what is known as a trauma bond.

One of these abusive conduct remains to be referred to as breadcrumbing, but it surely’s additionally referred to as intermittent reinforcement. Intermittent reinforcement is a time period that originated from B.F. Skinner’s theories on operant conditioning.

When interested by what intermittent reinforcement is, we have to take a look at every of the phrases individually to achieve a superb understanding.

Intermittent means sporadic or irregular, and reinforcement means the motion or technique of strengthening one thing.

What this implies is {that a} breadcrumber will partake in intermittent reinforcement by:

  1. Abusing you or coming to take one thing from you, whether or not that be your time, consideration or sense of submissiveness to them, after which…
  2. Supplying you with one thing that you just worth in small quantities.

By the point they’re completed taking from you, you’re already worn down, a lot that the crumbs of affection or the “reinforcement” they provide you are feeling like nirvana.

Their conduct will flip you into an emotional rollercoaster.

Right here’s an instance of this painful state of affairs from our group:


Somebody partaking in intermittent reinforcement/breadcrumbing would possibly:

  • Inform you they want a particular factor from you with a purpose to be proud of you, after which whenever you give it to them, they’ll solely be blissful and offer you “approval” a few of the time
  • Criticize you after which offer you a bit of little bit of reward
  • Ignore you for a very long time (even once they know you want consideration) after which let you know how a lot they love the connection you might have collectively
  • Provide the silent therapy whenever you do one thing they don’t “like”, after which out of the blue be all loving to you – however not an excessive amount of. Solely sufficient to make you a bit excited
  • Be all charming to get the intercourse they need. And once they disappear once more leaving you discarded, they’ll give you some reward and fawn over you to reduce the blow and nonetheless maintain you hooked

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8 Unhappy Indicators of Breadcrumbing

  1. You’re in a state of confusion. Breadcrumbing causes you to continuously surprise why you don’t really feel like they’re absolutely dedicated to you, however they nonetheless one way or the other appear to be they’re “” in you.
    This leaves you additionally hanging onto a doomed relationship.
    Breadcrumbing may additionally lead you to query whether or not you’re being too harsh on the breadcrumber. Particularly once they have been as soon as so useful (lovebombing anybody?) and may actually be “so loving” and “attentive” – when they’re.
  2. You are feeling like your wants are on maintain. You’ve wants for consideration and affection, and so they might have met these wants for you sooner or later previously, however you don’t ever really feel absolutely glad.
  3. You’re on an emotional rollercoaster.
  4. You are feeling hooked on them. Mainly, the individual drains your power but in addition excites you. That is what occurs whenever you’re trauma bonded. The breadcrumber is intermittently reinforcing you in order to maintain you below their management.
    That is how folks get hooked on playing. In the event that they knew they’d at all times win the identical amount of cash, playing wouldn’t be addictive, as a result of it’s too predictable. However once they solely win generally – and infrequently even win massive – they’ll take the dangers related to playing.
  5. You’re fearful of defining the connection or asking them to deliver the connection ahead, in case it scares them off or makes them offended (additionally an indication that you’re in a situationship).
  6. They’re sending blended messages.
  7. You’re feeling much more lonely, helpless and fewer glad with life. Analysis reveals that individuals who have skilled breadcrumbing report feeling all of those three issues.
  8. Their communication isn’t dependable nor constant. Fairly merely, somebody who’s critical about you will make it clear that you just’re primary for them. They received’t offer you crumbs simply to maintain you round.

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VIDEO: Is he Severe or Simply “”? Crucial Distinction.

Are All Breadcrumbers Narcissists?

Not all breadcrumbers are narcissists. Nevertheless if they’re a serial breadcrumber, they could be a narcissist. Serial breadcrumbers have been discovered to have personalities related to elevated ranges of narcissism.

The Impression of Breadcrumbing On YOU

What’s the affect on you for those who expertise breadcrumbing?

Nothing notably good.

Experiencing breadcrumbing will:

  • Decrease your self worth
  • Make you extra anxious. In some excessive circumstances of breadcrumbing, a securely hooked up individual might even flip into an anxiously hooked up individual because of having spent too lengthy caught in that relationship. (Yow will discover out your personal attachment model with our free quiz right here).
  • Make you are feeling extra lonely, regardless of having sufficient household and associates round you
  • Make you query your relationship expertise
  • Make you are feeling extra susceptible in a foul approach (in a approach that makes you are feeling exploited)
  • Make you much less trusting of individuals and relationships
  • Make you waste your treasured life away

What in regards to the affect of narcissistic breadcrumbing?

The impact on you after having skilled narcissistic breadcrumbing is fairly dangerous. It will possibly trigger you to:

  • Have despair; and
  • Make it tougher so that you can maintain future relationships because of trauma

Merely put, tolerating being breadcrumbed could make you so traumatized that you just’re on edge in future relationships.

Experiencing such trauma at all times comes at an enormous value to your emotional stability and psychological well being.

For this reason it’s crucial so that you can be past tolerating it.

You may’t be weak and you may’t be on the whim of a breadcrumber. However we are going to discuss extra about the way to take care of breadcrumbing now.

The Quantity One Tip to deal with being breadcrumbed

This primary tip for not being breadcrumbed goes to require you to take full accountability to your actions.


I need you to know that taking full accountability to your facet doesn’t imply you’re blaming your self for the breadcrumber’s actions – removed from it.

You’re simply taking again management.

You make it straightforward for your self to remain excessive worth, say no, and to stroll away.

The primary tip for the way to deal with being breadcrumbed, whether or not it’s in individual or over textual content, is to cease valuing (or needing) brief time period gratification.

Analysis reveals {that a} motive why folks tolerate breadcrumbing is because of a necessity for brief time period gratification.

Mainly, they’ll’t appear to let go of that subsequent crumb of consideration or validation.

So it’s essential absolutely let go of hope for consideration, faux love and validation.

Determine that you just not want it – even when the choice is sitting in your grief, loneliness and ache.

As a result of for those who select to want the brief time period gratification once more, all you’ll do is solely delay the grieving and the emotional processing.

However whenever you delay it, you make it a lot tougher – on your self and in your future lover.

So right here’s what it’s essential do. Say this out loud to your self in entrance of a mirror:

“I don’t want your consideration. I don’t want your faux thought of affection.”


“I select what’s actual. And that’s not you.”

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How one can Reply to Breadcrumbing through Textual content

One of the simplest ways to answer breadcrumbing through textual content is with excessive worth banter.

Banter is a tremendous device for coping with:

  • Abuse
  • Toxicity
  • Low worth males; and
  • Flaky conduct


As a result of banter will introduce spontaneity into the interactions, and that can deliver extra of the reality to the floor.

Particularly, their lack of emotional funding in you and their lack of emotional attunement to you.

So if you wish to, you’ll be able to take my husband David’s free class on Excessive Worth Banter right here.

On this class, you’ll achieve free examples, good laughs and the flexibility to weed out the weak males whereas attracting the “BEST” of males.


In conclusion, breadcrumbing is a poisonous conduct that’s of little profit to you and your love life.

What you get out of breadcrumbing is brief time period consideration at the price of your long run sanity.

If you wish to cease attracting breadcrumbers, the reply is to cease saying sure to brief time period gratification.

There are males on the market who search emotional intimacy – you don’t need to accept idiots!

I counsel you to take your love life critically and be taught the artwork of excessive worth banter, as a result of that is the key to attracting emotionally mature, wholesome, commitment-oriented males. 

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