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Sweetness Meditations: Monograms with Two Letters


Monogram underwear is very easy to do in hand embroidery. It’s a fast venture to do on a wet day or another day once you need to do embroidery. On this instance, two letters had been embroidered on the entrance of the underwear. Relying on how shortly you embroider by hand, you can also make many pairs with monograms. Right here is the tutorial.  


Embroidery thread/floss

Embroidery needle

Printed Cotton Underwear 




Wash and dry the underwear. Then write your initials with a pen. Then insert the thread into the embroidery needle. After that insert the needle the place the letter was written onto the material. Comply with the strains to embroider the letter. 

Make curvy strains to make a cursive look to the letters. After that proceed including extra curvy shapes when you embroider the letters. Then embroider the second letter utilizing the identical coloration thread. Don’t get distracted by the printed design of the material. This venture could take thirty minutes or an hour relying on how briskly you embroider by hand.


* Font and Collage by Photograph Collage Editor Maker 


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