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Record Of Biblical Boy Names (With Meanings)


List Of Biblical Boy Names

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The duty of combing by way of all the Bible to find biblical boy names might be a frightening endeavour. In the event you’re like many spiritual Christians You learn your favorite passages typically, significantly whenever you’re struggling and don’t learn the complete Bible.

The number of Bible names for males accommodates lesser-known sacred names along with among the names that you just’re most likely aware of. When you’re planning to welcome your new child the checklist beneath will enable you to keep organized.

100 Biblical Names for Boys and Meanings

In the event you’re looking for an ominous or holy title on your new child boy The Bible affords a wide range of names and a few have been capable of stand the check of time over time because it was first written.

1. Aaron

Roots in Hebrew, Aaron means exalted or excessive mountain.

Aaron is amongst these in style boy names that don’t appear to ever exit of favor. Every year, it’s among the many high 1% of names within the U.S. In 2019 it was ranked quantity 61 on the checklist of hottest names for boys.

2. Abraham

Abraham is a Hebrew title which suggests the daddy of many.

Abraham is thought to be a outstanding persona in three religions everywhere in the world that embody Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Abraham is known as”God’s son” by James.

3. Adam

The Hebrew title signifies a person born who’s from pink soil.

Adam was the very first human being, by Christianity. Adam alongside together with his associate, Eve, was kicked out of the Backyard of Eden as a result of they consumed fruits that got here from Adam’s tree, the Information of Good and Evil tree.

4. Aeneas

Originating from Latin and Greek roots, Aeneas means to reward.

A New Testomony determine, Aeneas was an invalid who was handled for his accidents by Jesus Christ.

5. Amal

Amal is Arabic by origin and is a phrase meaning hope.

Within the Bible, Amal is a male, nevertheless, the title itself is an effective alternative for unisex girls. Amal Clooney, a lady lawyer was married to George Clooney, an actor. George Clooney.

List Of Biblical Boy Names

6. Amos

Amos is a Hebrew title which suggests robust or courageous.

Amos is a good title for individuals who are of the religion. Amos is a reputation that may be discovered within the Outdated Testomony, Amos is recognized as one of many twelve Minor Prophets.

7. Andrew

The Greek child’s title is a reference to masculinity.

Andrew was a well-loved boy’s title for a protracted. It was in 2019 forty sixth within the U.S. for boys. It’s a well-liked title and is an ideal match for among the names like Andy in addition to Drew.

8. Asher

Hebrew is the language of origin. Asher is a Hebrew phrase meaning pleased.

Asher first made an look on the charts of recognition inside America U.S. in 1983. Nonetheless, since 1992, it’s been there for the lengthy haul and 2019 is Asher’s greatest yr in reputation at 43.

9. Azriel

Originating within the Hebrew root, Azriel means God is my help.

The kids of the Eighties will bear in mind Azrael with the slight spelling change, being the Gargamel’s cat from the Smurfs cartoon.

10. Barak

A Hebrew title, Barak means lightning.

Barak was a good friend of Deborah the prophetess of the Bible. Barak was the chief of an Israelite military that was getting ready to battle Sisera who was a Canaanite commanding officer of the military.

11. Bartholomew

This Hebrew title refers back to the father of Talmai.

Bartholomew was amongst Jesus’s 12 disciples and Jesus was his essential disciple. Along with their showing on the checklist of apostles, there isn’t a lot details about him.

12. Benjamin

Benjamin is a Hebrew title which means the appropriate hand of my son.

One of many founders of the U.S., Benjamin Franklin was well-known as a scientist, politician, humorist and printer, amongst many different issues. Franklin can also be an eminent scientist, who helped uncover the mysteries of electrical energy.

13. Cain

Cain could be a Hebrew title which means spear or possessor.

The moniker of faith Cain has earned its place amongst our lists of Bible names for boys. Probably the most well-known names discovered within the Bible is Cain was one of many kids of Eve and Adam killed Abel the brother of his.

14. Caleb

Caleb is a Hebrew title, that interprets to dedication and religion.

Caleb established its place as a family title through the Nineteen Sixties when it turned a mainstream title. It has been included on the checklist of the highest 1000 most well-known songs all through the U.S. yearly since 1968, averaging 52 in 2019.

15. Cyrus

Originating from Cyrus, which is derived from the Greek phrase Kyros, Cyrus means lord.

Some names get pleasure from transient, however large reputation earlier than going out of the style. Different names, corresponding to Cyrus don’t turn into wildly well-known. Cyrus is on the U.S. reputation charts for over 100 years, by no means reaching 389th place.

16. Daniel

In Hebrew Identify, Daniel means God is my choose.

One other title that’s ceaselessly in style, Daniel was the title of a music that turned successful by the singer Elton John. The music was about an imaginary soldier returning to the Vietnam warfare, who’s idolized after returning and wish to return to his regular life earlier than the warfare.

17. Darius

The phrase Darius comes immediately from Dariush, the Persian time period Dariush Darius is a synonym for kingly and wealthy or possessing.

The singer Darius Rucker rose to fame because the lead singer in probably the most in style bands within the Nineteen Nineties, Hootie & the Blowfish. Within the years since Darius Rucker has remained centered on nation music and has scored quite a few top-of-the-line hits, nevertheless, Hootie & the Blowfish additionally proceed to launch albums.

18. David

In Hebrew phrase, David means the phrase “cherished.

Within the Bible, King David has a staggering variety of chapters written about his life. Nonetheless, probably the most cherished of his tales is about how he defeated the formidable Goliath.

19. Ebenezer

Ebenezer is a Hebrew title which means stone of help.

In accordance with the Bible, Ebenezer wasn’t an individual. It was a stone that was named. Essentially the most well-known Ebenezer that the world has seen is Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge was an alcoholic, who discovers hope in the novella A Christmas Carol, a novella written by Charles Dickens.

20. Elijah

A Hebrew title, Elijah means my God is Yahweh.

The title of the Hebrew prophet Elijah continues to be generally in style. It’s on the high its reputation inside the U.S., the place it was the fifth most-used boy’s title within the yr 2019.

21. Emmanuel

Emmanuel is a Hebrew title that interprets to God has been with us.

Emmanuel is an inscription all through the E book of Isaiah. It’s a sign to it’s a signal that the Home of David will get pleasure from safety from God. It’s also thought of to be a unique designation to confer with God and is usually regarded as Immanuel.

22. Ephron

In Hebrew phrases, Ephron means productive or fertile.

Nora Ephron was an American filmmaker who wrote the large smashes When Harry Meet Sally… and Sleepless in Seattle.

List Of Biblical Boy Names

23. Esau

Esau which interprets to the son of Isaac is a Hebrew title.

The Bible, Esau was a twin within the Bible. He was born earlier than Jacob, his older brother. Jacob and Jacob had been born whereas holding on to Esau’s heel. For this reason Esau together with Jacob might be wonderful names for twins.

24. Ethan

The Hebrew phrase, Ethan means strong.

Ethan has spent a good portion of the previous 20 years among the many High 10 of probably the most well-known manufacturers inside the U.S. The title is usually used on the earth of fiction like that of the Mission Not possible franchise, the place Tom Cruise stars Ethan Hunt.

25. Ezekiel

An alternate Hebrew time period, Ezekiel means God is robust.

Ezekiel Elliott, born on the twenty fifth of Could, 1995 is now a soccer participant for the Dallas Cowboys. He was a Professional Bowl choice 3 times.

26. Ezra

A Hebrew Identify, Ezra means to help.

The spelling Ezra has been rising in the previous couple of years in reputation. Within the early a part of the twentieth century, Ezra was as 430th in names for boys throughout the U.S. Since that point, it has slowly progressed, and landed on the forty ninth spot in 2019.

27. Felix

Felix could be a Latin phrase which refers to happiness or luck.

Within the Bible, Felix was a poor governor in Judea. A fictional Felix as we speak was rather more in style. Felix Unger and Oscar Madison turned unlikable roommates within the in style film, play and TV present, The Odd Couple.

28. Gabriel

Gabriel could be a Hebrew title that interprets to God is my energy.

Gabriel was amongst one the 100 high most-loved boys’ names within the U.S. in 1976, and it has been there for the previous few years.

29. Gideon

In Hebrew phrases, Gideon means he who’s the one who cuts down.

Gideon was thought to be top-of-the-line judges in Israel. That might be a really perfect title for the son of the choose.

30. Gilead

From Hebrew roots, Gilead means hill nation or mountain.

Gilead was a widely known time period within the Bible that referred to 3 males. The boys talked about are in Numbers 26:29, Judges 11:1, and 1 Chronicle 5:14.

31. Gomer

The Hebrew namesake, Gomer means full, nevertheless, being an English title it’s a synonym for in style and wonderful.

Many generations affiliate the character of the identical title, Gomer Pyle from the Andy Griffith Present after they hear the title. Gomer Pyle is voiced by Jim Nabors and resulted within the spin-off present Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C.

32. Hezekiah

Hezekiah is a Hebrew title which suggests my energy is the Lord.

In his function because the thirteenth King in Judah, Hezekiah was known as a righteous ruler. Of all of the Kings of Judah that had been talked about within the Bible, Hezekiah was thought to be probably the most trustworthy and constant to God.

33. Hiram

An alternate Hebrew time period, Hiram means the brother of probably the most awe-inspiring one.

Extra typically considered as extra of an earlier band, Hiram regularly dropped in reputation all through the early 1900s. In 1920, the title was ranked at quantity 397 on Social Safety’s checklist of names. In 1983, nevertheless the yr that it final appeared on the itemizing, the company was ranked 968.

34. Ira

In Hebrew Identify, Ira means attentive.

Ira Hayes, a member of the Pima Native American tribe, turned well-known among the many Marines to fly the U.S. flag on Iwo Jima throughout World Battle II and was known as a nationwide warfare hero by President Dwight Eisenhower.

35. Isaac

Isaac is a Hebrew title which signifies that laughing.

There are a lot of well-known individuals referred to as Isaac all through the ages, together with the author Isaac Asimov and singer Isaac Hanson and the musician Isaac Hayes. Essentially the most well-known most well-known of all of them is Isaac Newton, thought to be one of many biggest scientists of the previous.

36. Isaiah

Isaiah Is a Hebrew title which suggests God is the supply of salvation.

Whereas it was briefly out of favour as a boy’s title within the mid-60s Isaiah continues to be on the High 100 checklist because the mid-90s. It was at 53 within the yr 2019.

37. Jacob

The Hebrew time period, Jacob means he who takes over.

Jacob is the son twin of Isaac and Rebecca. His first biblical reference was present in his title within the E book of Genesis.

38. Jadon

Jadon is a unique Hebrew title, which suggests Jadon can be judged.

Jadon is talked about within the Bible as one of many males who restored the partitions of Jerusalem. He’s typically known as Meronothite. Meronothite as a result of he was from Meronoth the city which the biblical students are unable to seek out.

39. James

James which comes from a Hebrew supply, and interprets to supplanter.

The Bible, James was an apostle and one of many 12 apostles within the Bible authentic twelve. A fisherman by career, James was additionally John the Apostle’s brother.

40. Jared

Derived from the Hebrew time period Yared, Jared is a reference to descent.

In Scripture within the Bible, Jared lived 962 years outdated and had a son named Enoch at solely sixteen years of age. This provides him the honour of being described because the second-oldest individual in response to the Hebrew Bible.

41. Jason

Jason Jason is an eminent title with and has Hebrew and Greek roots, and signifies that the Lord is the one who heals or saves.

The title Jason is present in The New Testomony, Jason of Thessalonica was taken by pressure from his house by non-believer Jewish individuals seeking to seize Paul. He was detained and positioned on bail.

42. Javan

A Hebrew time period, Javan comes from the phrase yavan which interprets to Greece.

Javan was Noah’s great-grandson and was regarded as being the Greek individuals’s forefather.

43. Jaziel

A unique Hebrew time period, known as Jaziel is the title given to you by God.

Jaziel is a reputation variant of Jahzeel. It’s pronounced as Jah-zeel.

44. Jedediah

The Hebrew Identify, known as Jedediah is the phrase “good friend” of God.

Jedediah just isn’t probably the most frequently-used title. Over the past 100 years, it’s solely appeared within the high 1000 names for boys 9 occasions. It hasn’t been seen since 1985.

45. Jeremiah

Jeremiah has a Hebrew title that interprets to the Lord’s praises.

Lots of people can’t even hear the title Jeremiah and never break into the music’s catchy melody, Pleasure to the World by Three Canine Night time. The primary lyrics of the tune are “Jeremiah was a bullfrog.” The music turned an enormous chart-topping hit within the yr 1971.

46. Jericho

The Arabic title, Jericho means metropolis of the moon.

Jericho was an historic Canaan metropolis talked about within the Bible that fell to the Israelites after which was deserted. The current, Chris Jericho is a well-known wrestler who’s acknowledged for his outrageous charisma and athleticism.

List Of Biblical Boy Names


47. Jesse

The Hebrew Identify, Jesse means God’s reward to us.

American infamous legal Jesse James continues to fascinate individuals even after he died in 1882.

Jesse alongside together with his older brother Frank was a well-known, and fearsome robber within the Midwest. He was killed by Robert Ford, one other outlaw.

48. Joel

Joel could be a Hebrew title which interprets to God is God.

The Bible accommodates 12 prophets minor in addition to Joel was one of many twelve. Joel was a daily determine among the many high male names inside the U.S. for a couple of century.

49. John

John may be described as Hebrew in its origin, derived from the phrase Yochanan and which suggests God is form.

Over the previous 100 years, the title has been among the many hottest names used throughout the U.S. In the event you select to present your kids this title you’ll most likely have a number of completely different Johns within the class he attends at college. To face out a bit you would select Johnny, Jon, Jonathan or Johnathan.

50. Jonah

Jonah is a Hebrew title which interprets to dove.

One of many tales from the Bible that the majority grabs the eye of younger kids is Jonah in addition to the story of the whale. On this story, Jonah is swallowed by an infinite fish, generally known as a whale. Jonah three days later, vomits from the fish alive and wholesome.

51. Jonas

Originating from Yohanan, Jonas is a Hebrew title which additionally means dove.

Jonah in Jonah, from Jonah and the Whale story Jonah, from the Jonah and the Whale story, is typically known as Jonas. In the event you’ve heard the story about Jonah together with the whale it’s considerably humorous that the primary character in the Megabook and the movie is known as Jonas. Within the story, Jonas Taylor is making an attempt to cease a megalodon from feeding on sea creatures.

52. joseph

Originating from the Hebrew phrase Yosef, Joseph refers to a rise or addition.

Joseph’s story Joseph in addition to his apparel of assorted shades from The E book of Genesis led to the smash musical Joseph in addition to The Superb Technicolor Dreamcoat.

53. Joshua

Joshua is an abbreviation of Yehoshua which is a Hebrew title that interprets to Savior or deliverer.

Joshua was one of many names that had been in style at occasions starting in 1920, but it surely turned in style across the late Nineteen Seventies. Whereas it’s by no means been on the high of the checklist, nevertheless, it has been used for a few years being the third, fourth or fifth most sought-after title throughout the U.S. for boys.

54. Josiah

The Hebrew Identify, Josiah means heals or God offers.

King Josiah was the ruler of Judah between 640 and 609 B.C. Though he was the son of corrupt rulers Josiah was acknowledged as a pious and honourable king in response to the Bible.

55. Judah

Judah is a Hebrew title that interprets to “praised.

There are two references to Judah from the holy bible. The primary is a location named Judah and the opposite is a person who was one of many kids of Jacob and Leah.

56. Jude

Jude is derived from Greek and is a reference to the one who is extremely praised.

The hit music Hey Jude by The Beatles was their greatest hit. It began as a tribute to Julian Lennon, John’s son. The music’s title was initially Hey Jules.

57. Kenan

A Hebrew title, Kenan means lamenter or sorrow.

Essentially the most well-known Kenan is the actor Kenan Thompson. As a solid member on Saturday Night time Stay for almost 20 years, he’s participated within the collection for extra time than anybody else on the present. He at the moment seems on the sitcom on NBC Kenan and has been featured in movies corresponding to Good Burger, Heavyweights, Snakes on a Aircraft, and Hubie Halloween.

58. Levi

The phrase “Levi” is a Hebrew time period, Levi means connected.

Levi is a somewhat well-known title, contemplating that it reminds individuals of the well-known Levi denims the clothes model based within the yr 1853. It was based with the assistance of Levi Strauss.

59. Lucas

The phrase “Lucas” is derived from the Latin time period, Lucas means gentle or illumination.

A basic Eighties movie, Lucas is the story of a teen who’s performed by Corey Haim who falls for one woman who is decided to place him within the”good friend zone. The movie additionally stars Charlie Sheen, Kerri Inexperienced and Winona Ryder.

60. Lucius

Lucius is a unique Latin title, which interprets to gentle or brightness.

In Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, Lucius is an apprentice to Brutus. Shakespeare additionally incorporates a personality named Lucius into his tragic play, Titus Andronicus.

61. Luke

It’s the English variant of Lucas, Luke additionally refers back to the phrase “light-giving.

Within the Bible, Luke’s Gospel of Luke has a number of parables – 19. That is greater than the parables that seem in different gospels.

62. Malachi

The title Malachi is of Hebrew supply, Malachi means the messenger of God.

A prophet of the Outdated Testomony, Malachi is the final of the twelve minor prophets.

63. Mark

The phrase Mark is a Latin Identify, Mark means devoted to Mars.

Mark stays a widely known male model title throughout the U.S. Quite a few well-known persons are recognized by the title of Mark like actor Mark Wahlberg, Mark Hamill, Mark Harmon, and Mark Ruffalo, Fb co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, and iconic author Mark Twain.

64. Matthew

Matthew is a Hebrew title that interprets to a present from God.

Matthew The Apostle is one among Jesus’ 12 apostles. In sure church buildings, corresponding to Roman Catholic church buildings, Matthew is believed to be a saint.

65. Matthias

The phrase Matthias comes from Hebrew, Greek, and German roots, Matthias additionally means the reward from God.

Matthias one of many apostles was chosen by the apostle brotherhood to interchange Judas.

66. Micah

Micah is the Hebrew title meaning one that he’s akin to God.

Micah Hyde, a soccer participant for the Buffalo Payments, confirmed expertise even at an early age. He set data in 17 completely different classes throughout his time at college.

67. Michael

Michael Michael, a Hebrew title that additionally means that he’s akin to God.

Because the title Michael has been so well-known for a number of years, it’s a shock that there are many well-known Michaels. Many too quite a few to checklist right here, however some are the actors Michael J. Fox in addition to Michael B. Jordan, Michael Jackson, the singer Michael Jackson, and basketball star Michael Jordan.

68. Moses

An alternate Hebrew phrase is Moses which means saviour.

Moses is among the many most well-known characters from the Bible. Essentially the most spectacular miracle within the Bible was Moses who, in response to legend, break up from the Pink Sea to assist the Israelites escape slavery.

69. Nathan

In Hebrew Origin, Nathan means given.

A counsellor to David, King David, Nathan was a court docket prophet who transmitted messages from God by way of Nathan to David.

70. Nathaniel

Nathaniel which will also be described as Nathanael is a Greek variant of the Hebrew time period, Netan’el, which suggests God has supplied.

American author Nathaniel Hawthorne has created a number of basic works of literature, like The Scarlet Letter and The Home of the Seven Gables. A bit introverted, Hawthorne was quiet in social circles.

List Of Biblical Boy Names

71. Noah

A Hebrew title, Noah means peaceable.

One of many longest-running tales within the Bible is the story regarding Noah in addition to the Ark. Noah constructed an ark to make sure his household’s security and animals on the land, in the middle of the large flood that was brought on by God.

72. Obadiah

Obadiah is a Hebrew title which suggests God’s servant. God.

Inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Obadiah Stane, who was referred to as Iron Monger, was the primary antagonist within the movie Iron Man.

73. Omar

In Hebrew in addition to an Arabic time period, Omar means the phrase “flourishing” or speaker.

Omar Sharif appeared in basic movies corresponding to Lawrence of Arabia and Physician Zhivago. He was an Academy Award nominee, he was fluent in six languages.

74. Paul

The phrase “Paul” is Latin, Paul means small.

Paul is without doubt one of the names that has attracted dad and mom over generations. Well-known Pauls embody musicians Paul McCartney and Paul Simon and actors Paul Newman and Paul Rudd and the patriotic Paul Revere.

75. Perez

Perez is a Hebrew title which means break or burst.

Though Perez is usually used as a primary title it’s additionally a widely known final title. It could be an important biblical choice for a mom who was born along with her maiden title as Perez and adjusted her title after she bought married.

76. Peter

Peter is an abbreviation of Peter, which is derived from the Greek title Petros which means stone or rock.

Peter is a widely known character in literature. Peter Pan, Peter Parker Peter Rabbit, Peter Rabbit, and Peter Rabbit have all had an impression on generations of children and teenagers.

77. Philip

Philip is derived immediately from the Greek title Philippos which means the good friend of horses.

Prince Philip who’s also referred to as Prince Philip, also referred to as Duke of Edinburgh is the partner of Queen Elizabeth II. This can be a truth that you just won’t pay attention to about Prince Philip His household had been exiled to Greece on the time that Philip was only a youngster.

78. Raphael

In Hebrew phrases, Raphael means God has been healed.

Essentially the most religiously dedicated will be capable to acknowledge Raphael as an archangel that’s talked about inside the Outdated Testomony or maybe because the title of the well-known Italian artist. Nonetheless, the youthful technology can be impressed by the title since Raphael is among the many 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

79. Reuben

Reuben originates immediately from the Hebrew title Reuven and is a reference to behold, an toddler son.

In accordance with the legend the Reuben sandwich originated initially thought up by a Lithuanian marketer who was from Omaha, Nebraska. In accordance with legend, he invented the Reuben sandwich as a reward for the event of a poker evening at an organization and it gained lots of consideration from there.

80. Rufus

Rufus is a Latin title which means redhead.

For individuals who had been born within the Nineteen Seventies or early Eighties, the title Rufus is a reference to the Chicago group, Rufus, which led to the celebrity of the lead performer Chaka Khan. The band’s most well-known music was their smash hit music, Inform Me One thing Good.

81. Samson

The phrase “Samson” is a Hebrew phrase, Samson means solar.

Well-known Christian highly effective warrior Samson had his coronary heart damaged by Delilah his spouse, which ultimately results in his demise. Samson made use of all his energy to battle those that had been Philistines and their ruler, however he perished through the battle.

82. Samuel

Samuel is a Hebrew title which suggests God has heard.

Because the starting of time, Samuel has been a well-liked title for greater than 100 years. Samuel has been among the many high 100 hottest names for boys all through the U.S. Samuel is extra in style than ever, and is at the moment within the twenty second place in 2019.

83. Saul

The Hebrew title Saul is a reference to being requested or enquired from God.

Saul hasn’t been probably the most in style manufacturers within the U.S., but it surely has remained comparatively in style for greater than 100 years. Saul ranked 532 within the yr 2019.

84. Seth

Seth is a phrase with Hebrew in addition to Egyptian origins and the phrase means anointment, or put.

Star actor Seth Rogen bought his massive break in 1999, taking part in the character of Ken Miller within the tv present The present Freaks in addition to Geeks. Whereas the present’s cult standing was solely on for one season, the vast majority of the solid went into massive roles with the likes of James Franco, Linda Cardellini, Busy Philipps, and Jason Segel.

85. Silas

Silas is derived from Silas, which is the Latin title Silvanus which is a reference to wooden or forest.

Silas who was also referred to as Silvanus was a frontrunner of the church in response to the Bible. He travelled to Antioch in Syria along with Paul and Barnabas for an project.

86. Simon

The Hebrew time period, Simon means the listener.

Simon has earned an intensive repute as one of many middle-of-the-road names. Simon isn’t typically talked about nevertheless it’s a particularly in style title which is at 246 within the yr 2019.

87. Solomon

It’s believed that the Hebrew title Solomon originates from the title Shalom which suggests peace.

The Israel King Solomon was the kid of Bathsheba and David within the Outdated Testomony. Solomon was well-known as a sensible and rich man.

88. Stephen

The phrase Stephen has roots each of English with roots in English and Greek, Stephen will also be thought of to be Stephan refers to a wreath or crown.

Within the Bible, Stephen turned the primary Christian martyr after Stephen was executed with a stone.

89. Thaddeus

Thaddeus refers back to the Greek variant of Thaddai Thaddeus, which is an Aramaic title that refers back to the coronary heart.

Thaddeus Stevens, born in 1792 was an avid anti-abolitionist and was a frontrunner of the Radical Republicans within the 1860s. Stevens suffered from a relentless limp on account of having been born with clubfoot.

90. Theophilus

From a Greek supply, Theophilus refers back to the love of God.

This title might be a particularly mouthful for a toddler and might make studying how the spelling of their title at colleges fairly difficult. In the event you love the title, you would enable your youngster to go together with the names theo and Phil.

91. Thomas

Thomas is a Greek title that’s derived from Ta’oma’ the Aramaic title. It refers to twins.

Thomas has been a well-known title for greater than 100 years and has typically been within the high 10. Nonetheless, currently, it’s seen its reputation decline with the quantity 47 within the yr 2019.

92. Titus

The Latin Identify, Titus means the title of honour.

Titus was an in depth good friend and companion to Paul who was the apostle. Titus was a frontrunner of the church in addition to a Christian missionary, which is why this might be an important title for individuals who have been on missions of non secular significance.

93. Tobias

The Hebrew Identify, Tobias means God is sweet.

The title Tobias ranks at quantity 272 on the checklist of boys’ hottest names. The title is used steadily in exhibits on tv like Black Lightning, which has Tobias Whale and Arrested Growth, which incorporates fan-favourite Tobias Funke, performed by David Cross.

94. Uri

Uri is without doubt one of the Hebrew names which suggests God can be my shining gentle.

Well-known illusionist and psychic Uri Geller is most well-known for his capability to bend spoons together with his mind. Nonetheless, many sceptical magicians and sceptics imagine that Geller is fraudulent.

95. Zachariah

A Hebrew phrase, Zachariah, is the Lord has been remembered.

The title Zachariah didn’t seem in U.S. reputation lists till 1972 when it reached the quantity 696. The height was in 1992 when it reached the quantity 306.

96. Zachary

An English translation of the phrase Zacharias. Zachary additionally signifies that the Lord has been remembered.

Its actor Zachary Levi went from starring within the TV present Chuck to ultimately being an motion hero on the large display screen. His movie, Shazam! was an enormous success, in addition to a follow-up, is being deliberate. He additionally lends his voice to the cartoon character Flynn Rider for the film, Tangled.

97. Zebediah

In Hebrew phrase, Zebediah means the reward of Jehovah.

Within the Bible, Zebediah was the ultimate King of Judah earlier than its destruction by King Nebuchadnezzar II from Babylon.

98. Zebulun

Zebulun is a Hebrew title that interprets to the place of honour.

Zebulun is an thrilling, up to date title that may be interpreted as just a little edgy. In accordance with the Bible, Zebulun, the sixth son of Leah and Jacob was a slave to his older brother Joseph in a cope with merchants.

99. Zeke

A Hebrew Identify, Zeke means energy of God.

Zeke was not one within the ranks of the highest 1,000 most well-known boys recognized throughout the U.S. till 2011. Zeke has appeared included annually because it was at 654 on the checklist in 2019.

100. Zion

Zion is a Hebrew title which suggests the excessive level.

Zion is pronounced ZYE-on and it was not a person named within the Bible it was a spot. Zion was a Canaanite hill fortress that was known as Zion was later renamed Zion, the Metropolis of David.


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