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Juxtapoz Journal – The Metamorphic Introspection of Danielle McKinney

Juxtapoz Journal – The Metamorphic Introspection of Danielle McKinney


Night time Gallery is thrilled to current Metamorphic, a solo exhibition of latest work by Danielle Mckinney (Summer season 2021 cowl artist), marking the artist’s second exhibition with Night time Gallery.


To be human is to be metamorphic. Danielle Mckinney imagines well-worn areas and acquainted nooks as incubators for transformation, locations that enable the self to unfold, morph, and multiply, the place identification can flourish with boundless risk. Like a collection of intimate vignettes, Mckinney’s oil work peer into psychic areas that nurture self-metamorphic processes.

A monarch butterfly crawls alongside the elegant crest of a girl’s finger, resting within the blind spot of her contemplative gaze. Monarchs will be discovered all through the artist’s observe and function as symbols of changeability, signifying the rising transformations that rustle quietly in a single’s thoughts, fluttering simply beneath the floor of notion. Different non-human species, reminiscent of birds and bugs, assume numerous private and conceptual significations, showing in Mckinney’s work like mysterious apparitions or historical spirits—ancestral guests speaking sacred information on find out how to render your self to cyclical rhythms of metamorphosis. 

Mckinney’s cropped compositions provide glimpses into intimate areas the place solitary ladies are represented in numerous states of repose and consciousness. Interiority is taken into account twofold, conveyed as spacial and psychological ideas that inform each other. Whereas these ladies are depicted alone, they seem removed from lonely. Self-possessed and contented, the ladies in Mckinney’s work are offered in states of deep contemplation—their limbs relaxation languidly between pillows, tucked within the nook of a hunter-green couch, nestled within the cowl of a turtleneck sweater—naked and veiled, their semi-naked our bodies oscillate between states of emergence and submergence, vulnerability and safety. There’s energy of their stillness, evoking an inner vitality that’s unseen however deeply felt, vibrational vitality garnered in states of dormancy and hibernation, silently churning of their dreaming and wakeful minds.

Metamorphic marks the artist’s first presentation of work rendered in oil. The non-drying conduct of oil paint requires endurance, sensitivity, and finesse. Mckinney’s shift from acrylic to grease serves as a poetic metaphor for transformation, exemplifying a sort of chemical metamorphosis that happens because the oil pigments collide and rework each other. The portray’s velvety depths of shade are achieved by beginning with a layer of black underpainting, which Mckinney builds upon, pulling figures out of the darkness, showing as if they’ve all the time been there, dwelling simply beneath the floor of the canvas.  Referencing present pictures, some discovered and a few taken by the artist herself, Mckinney’s utility of photographic methods ends in work that really feel concurrently poetic and specific, compositional and improvisational.

Tales of metamorphosis are usually not all the time spectacular dramas unique to fairytales and folklore, however relatively, Mckinney illuminates transformations that happen within the odd and mundane, in silence and shadows. She reveals how change is activated in seemingly sedentary states the place our innermost selves dwell, the place souls percolate with all doable permutations of identification. In flip, the artist presents concepts about self-development and progress that dislodge fashionable perceptions of progress and alter, calling for moments of stagnation and deceleration—slowing down as a way to flip inward. By embracing the inevitability of change, Mckinney’s metamorphic imaginings problem Western notions of progress and information and discover which means within the unknown and unknowable, in undiscovered selves, within the yet-to-emerge.  —Lauren Guilford


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