Friday, June 21, 2024

Juxtapoz Journal – Mark Posey is Daydreaming at Evening @ Richard Heller Gallery, Los Angeles


Richard Heller Gallery is happy to current a solo exhibition for Los Angeles-based artist, Mark Posey, entitled Daydreaming at Evening. That is Posey’s first solo exhibition with the gallery.

In Mark Posey’s latest physique of labor he explores fashionable interpretations of classical themes. He approaches this by creating composite characters, collaged from an enormous stock of private sources collected through the years. The unlikely mixture of components — clip artwork right here, a neon signal there, butting towards classical portraiture — harmonize beneath Posey’s layers of painted steam, which frequently have playful textual content droplets, creating the visceral sense that we’re witnessing a real atmosphere, albeit one that’s preserved behind a barrier of glass. His Nocturne sequence, which he categorizes as up to date cityscapes, offers the viewer the expertise of being in a twenty first century metropolis. Consumerism, neon and detritus fill the canvas, giving the viewer a sensible glimpse of the trendy age.


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