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DIY Graphic T-shirt (French Journey)


In the event you like journey
t-shirts or can’t discover a graphic t-shirt in your measurement, then you could like this
embroidery challenge. That is an upcycling t-shirt challenge as a result of you may be
reusing your denim cloth to brighten your t-shirt. Additionally, it’s an embroidery
t-shirt challenge if you happen to wish to embroider your t-shirts. This embroidery challenge
requires some endurance and many stitching. Nevertheless, you should utilize Warmth and Bond
to connect the denim cloth. 

But, this t-shirt challenge requires some supplies earlier than making this graphic t-shirt design. Earlier than, you make this graphic t-shirt, ensure you wash and dry the t-shirt. Then, iron the T-shirt if it must be ironed. However, after you’re completed doing this challenge, you’ll like sporting your handmade T-shirt. Listed below are the directions for making this French journey graphic t-shirt. 


floss thread










Start by
stitching holes within the t-shirt. Take away the t-shirt pocket if it has one and stitch
any holes from the remnant of the pocket. Use denim cloth to make an extended
rectangle. The rectangle cloth will probably be sewn onto one other denim cloth to
create an embroidered patch to stitch. Print out the Eiffel Tower template from
the free stencil gallery and reduce the template with scissors.

the template with a marker onto the denim cloth. Embroider the Eiffel Tower and stitch sequins contained in the embroidered space. Then, use a marker to jot down the
phrases, “Paris” and “Bonjour”. Embroider the letters. After that add some
sequins on one facet of the embroidered Eiffel tower.

that sew the embroidered denim cloth onto one other denim rectangle. Sew the
edges of every rectangle cloth earlier than stitching them collectively. Subsequent, sew the
rectangle patch onto the middle of a t-shirt. Utilizing security pins to maintain the
patch straight or use an embroidery hoop if you’re stitching it by hand. As an alternative
of stitching the patch, you can even use Warmth and Bond or cloth glue.

Then sew
sequins to cowl the holes of the t-shirt. This embroidery challenge will take
about 5 to seven days to do. Be sure you sew on a clear T-shirt. Under is
the hyperlink for the Eiffel Tower template from the free stencil gallery. Have enjoyable
sporting your graphic journey French t-shirt.


Eiffel Tower Stencil-Free Stencil Gallery:

Eiffel Tower Stencil | Free Stencil Gallery

* Font and collage from Collage Picture Editor Maker


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