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Altering a Monogram Anklet Right into a Necklace


Monogram necklaces make a pleasant present for graduations, birthdays, or another event. Nevertheless, if you cannot discover a monogram necklace, then this tutorial is for you. Changing a monogram anklet right into a necklace is a fast jewellery challenge to do. It’s a good challenge if you wish to replace your monogram jewellery. Right here is the tutorial. 


Bounce rings 

Monogram anklet 

Black wire necklace 

Washer, ring earring, or a plain ring

Jewellery pliers 

Jewellery wire cutter 

Collect all of the supplies. Subsequent, take away the monogram from the anklet. Set the anklet chains apart. Use many bounce rings to connect the monogram to the washer or plain ring. After that shut the bounce rings with jewellery pliers. 

Add a bounce ring with the leftover anklet chains. Use a jewellery wire cutter to make the chains even. Then add the bounce ring with the chains to the monogram and washer or plain ring. Final, insert every little thing into the black wire necklace. Have enjoyable making your monogram jewellery.

* Font and Collage made in Photograph Collage Editor Maker 


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