Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Alison Yip, Tiziana La Melia at Damien & The Love Guru | Zurich


“Confessions on a Glowing Hill” combines latest works from Alison Yip and Tiziana La Melia to discover the methods through which the surreal insinuates itself inside our each day life. An curiosity in narrative—and extra particularly, how we use storytelling to reframe the world round us—dominates the exhibition, permeating the low-key strangeness of the artists’ sculptures, work, and video and multimedia works.

Yip’s Untitled (Dyson Staubsauger), 2023, wraps a damaged Dyson vacuum cleaner with blue ribbons, leaving simply sufficient uncovered plastic from the suction hose to claim and negate its presence. The artist thus makes use of packaging as a metaphor for a way we bind ideas collectively with a view to outline our expertise. The equipment shouldn’t be the one object Yip endows with a brand new materials existence: Untitled (Geschenkekorb), 2023, swathes cellophane round an assemblage of a Champagne bottle, a stuffed toy rabbit, and an upside-down high hat—maybe to maintain the magic from leaking out—whereas Untitled (Uggs), 2023, suspends a linen bundle of the eponymous boots above the metal door to the bunker room the place La Melia’s works are on show.

For Transits of Fantasy, 2022, La Melia dipped heritage corn in dragon’s-blood resin and uncooked beeswax collected by the artist in Grande Prairie, Alberta, amongst different supplies, referencing the ritualistic practices of rural societies. The work is a reminder that ritual itself is a form of packaging: We outline actuality by the methods through which we selectively bundle our world.


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