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7 Inform-Story Indicators of a Clinically Covert Narcissist Husband


The Covert Narcissist Husband

Revised on 6/1/21.

What’s a Covert Narcissist Husband? On this publish, I’ll describe each the 7 traits of a covert narcissist in addition to subtypes and the way these traits present up in marriage. We’ll speak about why the covert narcissist is so exhausting to acknowledge as a result of they seem so “good” and “humble” and even anxious to please. They care about what different folks consider them they usually seem so useful, and but the Covert Narcissist is only a much less completely satisfied and extra sophisticated model of the NPD.


impossible to win a fight with a covert narcissist husband
You’ll by no means win an argument. His defensiveness and his lack of real curiosity in you’ll prevail.


In a earlier publish, we’ve mentioned the issue of narcissistic persona problems.

Most individuals imagine {that a} boastful braggart characterizes all narcissism. Not so.

One other type of narcissism is closet narcissism, which is basically covert in its expression. These males are sometimes shells or what may be referred to as “empty fits” who look to different folks to fill their sense of self. These marriages are sometimes long-term as a result of, regardless of the wives feeling drained and sad, they’ll’t articulate what’s mistaken.

Closet narcissist husbands are sometimes hyper-sensitive and maybe much less keenly conscious of their have to dominate by manipulating others. However, the conduct leaves their spouses feeling confused and at fault one way or the other.

All narcissists can look assured and act like they’re higher than others. Extroverted narcissists are vocal about their giftedness. In distinction, the covert narcissist husband could really feel superior however has discovered to cover it. He expects folks to inform him he’s “particular” moderately than having to toot his personal horn.

At {Couples} Remedy Inc., we work with terribly profitable {couples}. Most of the males we see have concrete causes to be pleased with their accomplishments, and it exhibits. This isn’t narcissism; it’s constructive vanity.

Intercourse and the covert narcissist husband

Covert narcissist husbands are emotionally disengaged and passionless towards any perceived demand, together with the “demand” to like. Intercourse can begin out steamy. The spouse will speak about being “love bombed” by a person she will’t imagine is so good for her and desirous to please. Later making love will find yourself feeling like a “favor” he’s doing to you and for you.

Whereas initially, the covert narcissist husband might be an ardent lover who’s responsive and desirous to please, that quickly fades as soon as the connection turns into established. As an alternative of a companion who’s anxious to get away and have personal sexual time collectively, he acts lackluster. You gained’t “really feel” him in mattress. He’ll change into passive however deeply resentful for those who don’t present him your admiration.  Wives of covert narcissist husbands usually find yourself feeling “accomplished to” earlier than these similar wives step by step withdraw sexually.

He’ll then resent you to your lack of sexual curiosity, regardless of his displaying no real curiosity. Your “disinterest” in “pleasing him sexually” is a continuing insult he should endure. He needs you to “get assist” to your lack of enthusiasm for being sexual with him however takes no accountability for enjoying a job.

passive aggression is a sign of covert narcissism in men
He’ll secretly take away your energy whereas denying he’s doing that.

7 Important Traits of a Medical Covert Narcissist Husband

1. He’s “good” and “useful.” This helpfulness demonstrates that he’s being a “good partner.” The wives of covert narcissist husbands could really feel a withering contempt wrapped up in a superficial long-suffering, or “useful” demeanor. He discovered this technique early in childhood, usually from a harsh, abusive, or guilt-inducing mother or father.

For the typical particular person, doing one’s share is an natural acceptance of grownup residing. In distinction, his “helpfulness” is designed to spice up his fragile sense of self. Additionally it is a weapon he makes use of to defend himself and torture his companion.

He can “assist” whereas ending up inflicting her extra work. He could full promised duties 80% of the time, however the final 20% might be unpredictable. And for those who point out it when he doesn’t do it, he’ll resent you and level out how essential you might be of him.

He’ll declare that he can’t do something to please you.

The destiny of the covert narcissist is to maintain observe of the folly of others to ease the imagined “unfair judgments” leveled at him by those self same folks. He’ll exhibit contemptuous conduct corresponding to smirking, stifled mocking laughter, or eye-rolling. However that’s reserved for personal interactions. In public, he’s a stellar husband and proves it to anybody who’s watching.

2. Passive-aggression. Medical Covert Narcissist husbands are sometimes passive-aggressive. Just like the overt narcissist, they could act attentive to what their wives need. Nonetheless, they’ll seldom spontaneously present curiosity in a honest or sustained manner.

They’ll “overlook” their spouse’s work weekend journey (deliberate months prematurely…) and “unintentionally” plan a fishing journey he’s “actually been trying ahead to.” With a long-suffering tone, he’ll conform to cancel HIS occasion “as a favor to assist her profession” and stick with the kids, “sacrificing” his enjoyable. With out ever saying so, his spouse will cease planning weekend journeys, particularly for pleasure, as a result of she feels his covert distress. It kills her personal pleasure.

Covert Narcissist husbands conveniently overlook spousal requests however make no effort to appropriate the error. Or they’ll full the job incompetently. When confronted with their conduct, they whine that their spouse is being “too choosy” or “OCD” in anticipating a reliable efficiency, implying she’s a nag, or he’ll mope as he makes an attempt to “meet her demanding requirements.”

Within the face of failed expectations, he’ll present some lame or self-flattering rationalization of why he didn’t comply with by way of. It doesn’t even must be convincing. He doesn’t seem to care whether or not it’s or isn’t. His spouse feels his resentment, but it surely stays unstated. He reveals no energetic pleasure in her firm or need to have a good time her or their love.

3. He’s withholding and resentful. Wives are sometimes confused that their covert husbands can concurrently be so useful and resentful. So he gained’t ask you to do something for him however will resent you for not doing it. Asking for assistance is loading your gun.

He substitutes superficial “niceness” for real honesty and emotional involvement/engagement. He doesn’t let you know what he actually thinks (till he does…). He’s too “form” for that. He’s too “thoughtful.”

However, you’re the “imply” one who talks instantly about what you need, units targets, and expresses your disappointment. HE isn’t “allowed” to try this. HE retains his essential feedback about you to himself. He silently takes your “abuse” (i.e., expressed disappointment) however is harm by it. He resents that you simply get to precise your needs whereas he doesn’t. What he needs, he gained’t say. “Why trouble? Who cares about me?” It’s infuriating.

When provoked, he’ll spew a litany of withheld resentments and merciless feedback that shock their unsuspecting companions. However moments later, the covert narcissist husband will accuse you of being so hostile he generally “simply can’t take it” and has to “give it again to you.” You’ll by no means notice that expressing legitimate disappointment is taken into account abusive by the covert narcissist.

And also you, because the spouse, find yourself carrying all of the anger he gained’t instantly specific inside you. You’ll really feel pissed off and upset by the on-again-off-again type of “engage-ignore.” When he needs you, he’s harm in case you are unavailable. If you’d like him, you’ll be taught from his conduct that this isn’t the most effective time.

Try to be an “angel,” and also you’ll fall quick. He’s not going to belief that “act.” He is aware of how “imply” you might be and the way cautious he have to be of you. And you might be left questioning how one can be nicer to him, so he’ll such as you extra.

4. Exaggerated hyper-sensitivity. Covert Narcissist husbands are extraordinarily hyper-sensitivity. They may take offense to criticism, actual or imagined. They despise even trivial complaints as a result of these indicate that he has failed one way or the other, even after they clearly have.

When extraordinarily covertly narcissistic, these husbands will be extremely emotionally abusive. Wives could really feel emotionally abused however are instructed they are those who’re being emotionally abusive. It’s disorienting to the spouse. A spouse’s cheap calls for for love, consideration, engagement, and intercourse will be relabeled as cloying, by no means glad, demanding, and overbearing. Your covert narcissistic husband claims that he has been wronged by you for those who dare complain about him. And he’ll remind you of all he has accomplished and the way little you’ve appreciated it.

The wives are left asking themselves: “Was I ungrateful? I assumed I complimented him…lots, really…” That is gaslighting.

Their most obvious trait is the delicate manner he acts dismissively. It’s accomplished in a manner that’s exhausting to place your finger on. Even trying to establish this perspective might be met with full denial or outrage that turns into the “silence therapy.” This withdrawal might go on for days and even weeks. Don’t ask the covert narcissist the way you’ve offended him. As an alternative of expressing his upset and asking for what he needs, he expects you to know what drove him to this state.  Can’t you see how apparent your transgressions are? When he feels any imagined assault, he assaults again.

5. Don’t search for outward indicators of confidence. His smugness and air of superiority is a masks he removes solely with sure folks.  Covert Narcissist husbands keenly observe their world and infrequently consider it harshly earlier than the world harshly evaluates them. They might or could not let you know who they decide harshly. Typically they maintain these emotions for YEARS earlier than blurting them out prefer it ought to have been apparent. They ruminate about how they aren’t adequately “appreciated.” They’ve an air of being “absent.” Even with the job of parenting, they appear down on the duty. However when requested instantly: “Is one thing mistaken?” they’ll deny it.

6. Self-absorption and introspection in regards to the wrongs that the world has accomplished to him.

A covert narcissist husband is a poor listener. They handle a hostile inner voice so it’s exhausting to concentrate to anything.Many will be intelligent, judging or sizing up an individual or a social state of affairs. When it captures their consideration, they are often pleasant firm. It’s clear that they deem it boring, silly, or beneath them when it doesn’t.

7. Empathy Deficit  All medical narcissists lack empathy for others. And share a way of entitlement. The detrimental affect his conduct has on his spouse is just not price discussing. Attempt, and the Covert Narcissist husbands deliver the dialog again to their very own wants or accomplishments. Or get rageful.

If they’re pressured to pay attention, their wives’ unhappiness is a private harm to them, an insupportable judgment that they hostilely reject. The sentiment appears to be: “You may’t be sad with me. That offends me and hurts my emotions!”

You’re witnessing the empathy deficit for those who really feel it’s difficult to speak about your emotions with out the dialog turning round to him. And in case you are anticipated to “know” what he’s considering, feeling, or needing, you’re experiencing the mind-reading linked to his emotions of deep entitlement.

If he withholds very important info from you, that’s professional. He “is aware of” the way you’ll react to the information and doesn’t need to “hear it” from you. His inner ruminations trump no matter real-world ideas or emotions you may very well have. He doesn’t must ask you; he already is aware of.

Covert Narcissist fathering

Not solely with you, however even along with his youngsters, he seldom makes real eye contact. He engages in narcissistic parenting, claiming the kids don’t “like him” as a lot as they such as you. His assertion justifies his parental withdrawal in choice for hobbies or extra solidary pursuits.

Even the canine hates him.

When he’s disengaged (not that they have been engaged within the first place), your complete household feels his empty presence.  Kids are conscious about this “on-again/off-again” parental change. Like intermittent reinforcement, children will attempt to maintain their father’s consideration hungrily. Typically they’ll get his consideration in the event that they discover a topic that pursuits him. If not, they discover that Dad gained’t ask them any questions, he’ll act irritated, or stroll away absentmindedly in the midst of their sentence.

As a younger man, the covert narcissist was punished for talking his fact. Now he merely refuses.

Are all shows of narcissism dangerous?

Not in keeping with analysis. If narcissism is on a continuum, these within the extra “regular” vary of conduct can deliver fascinating traits to the connection whereas being able to retaining in verify their very own wants and needs in favor of their companions. They’ve a wholesome sense of self.

In distinction, medical covert narcissists have fragile vanity. They undertaking confidence however are petrified of their vulnerability and painful self-doubt. This is likely one of the central overt options of the covert narcissist. The overt narcissist really has usually undeserved confidence, however they’ve discovered to disregard any proof on the contrary.

The covert narcissist, in distinction, lives with this painful consciousness of being a “faker,” making him each reactive and thin-skinned. His perception in his profound worthlessness ends in a reactive want for fixed reassurance, even admiration, from others. However it have to be accomplished cleverly and with out being too apparent. If it’s identified to him that it’s regular to need to be acknowledged, he’ll deny it’s something HE personally craves. He’ll attempt to conceal his determined needs, however his resentment will enhance when the reward doesn’t come spontaneously. He’ll covet it. Nurse it.

How they act that out can also be extra covert than their overt counterparts, as nicely.

He’s a “Good Man.” He simply doesn’t like YOU.

What is usually complicated to wives is that, on the floor, this man looks as if an all-around “good man.” He’s well-liked and outgoing in public. Everybody says so. These ‘out of the know’ assume you’re the luckiest girl alive to be married to him. However they don’t dwell with him. They solely see his masks. They don’t really feel what you’re feeling: he simply doesn’t like you however gained’t come out and say so.

He considers your actions a transparent demonstration of his mistake in marrying you.

You’ve dissatisfied him terribly by “criticizing” him and never appreciating his specialness. And but, that is by no means stated in phrases. However it’s a “mistake” you’ll really feel acutely. You’ll know that he prefers to spend time doing different issues moderately than residing with, participating with, and loving you.

However he gained’t depart. Or if he leaves, he gained’t be the one to provoke divorce.

He won’t ever be the primary to divorce as a result of he’s a lot too good for that. He’ll drive you to do it, usually after 20-30 years married. These marriages are sometimes long-term, and after they finish in divorce, all of the informal acquaintances will dispair.

“They have been such a pleasant couple. He’s such a pleasant man. She left him. Horrible that she’d depart such a pleasant man.”

Do You Want Hopeful Partner Counseling to Get better from Covert Narcissism?


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