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100+ Greatest Anime Woman Names (With Meanings)


100+ Best Anime Girl Names (With Meanings)

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Should you’re a fan of anime and are in search of an lovely child title to your little one you’ve come to the best spot.

We’ve finished the analysis for you and created an intensive record of names for ladies from the highest anime. Should you’re a lover of any anime or have a selected present You’ll discover inspiration in our hundred anime names.

100+ Best Anime Girl Names (With Meanings)

100 Names of Anime Women and Meanings

We’ve collected 100 anime lady names that we’ve uncovered their true meanings behind them, and added loads of fascinating data.

1. Abigail

Abigail comes from the Hebrew title Avigayil which implies “my father is pleasure.”

Within the movie “Nice Pretender,” Abigail Jones has left a widow when her dad and mom die of a bomb in her residence nation of Iraq. The ballet classes she obtained in her youth made her athletic and powerful and she or he wears a dingy ballet medal alongside along with her.

2. Ai

The Japanese lady’s nickname Ai, Ai, is a reference to “love, affection.”

Within the present “Hell Woman,” the web site Hell Correspondence seems every day at midnight. Enter the title of an individual you’d prefer to rid your self of, or Ai Enma, often known as Hell Woman, will come and drag them into hell.

3. Aika

Aika is “time” in Finnish.

“Aria the Animation “Aria the Animation,” it’s the twenty fourth century, people stay on Mars has been named Aqua. Aika is an Undine water spirit that serves as a information in her household’s enterprise. Aika is aggravated that workers deal with her with particular care as a result of she is the boss’s daughter.

4. Aiko

The Japanese title Aiko signifies “love little one.”

“Renkin 3-kyu Magical? Poker” is an animated sequence that follows 4 girls from the Netherworld which might be travelling on this planet of people. One in all them, Aiko, possibly the modern-day variant of Frankenstein’s Monster.

5. Akane

Akane is a Japanese title which implies “deep purple, dye from the Rubia plant.”

A personality from “Ghost Tales,” Akane dies of a coronary heart assault and her ghost is locked within the microphone. Akane curses everybody who hears her voice.

6. Akari

Akari is a Japanese lady’s title which interprets to “vermillion purple, white jasmine.”

Akari Akaza is believed to be the primary character in “YuriYuri: Completely satisfied Go, Lily.” However, since she’s tiny and doesn’t possess a big and brilliant persona, Akari usually disappears into the background.

7. Aki

Aki is a Japanese title that interprets to “autumn.”

Aki-chan is an notorious digital idol within the anime present “Rockman.EXE.” Aki turns into near Rockman after he rescues her from an infection.

8. Akira

Its Japanese time period Akira is a reference to “brilliant” or “clear.”

“Yosuga no Sora “Yosuga no Sora,” the cheerful, vigorous and energetic Akira Amatsume lives alone on the grounds of a Shinto shrine.

9. Alice

Alice is an Previous French title, which implies “noble kind.”

Season 3 of “Aria the Animation” introduces Alice Carroll as a water information who’s scouted by Orange Planet. A talented rower, Alice continuously makes use of the phrase Fekkai which implies “large.”

10. Ana

Ana is an Jap European type of Anna.

Ana Coppola is an English lady who moved to Japan within the movie “Strawberry Marshmallow.” A lot of the time, Ana is teased as a result of her title is inscribed with “bone,” “cave,” and “gap” in kanji.

100+ Best Anime Girl Names

11. Anita

Anita was initially conceived as an Spanish beloved type of Anna.

Anita Hailey will be described because the pseudonym for Shiho Miyano, a member of the Junior Detective League within the anime “Case Closed.” A gifted chemical engineer, Anita started as part of the Black Organisation earlier than shifting over to the “good guys.”

12. Anna

Anna has been described because the English growth from Hannah which interprets to “favour, grace.”

Within the TV present “He Is My Grasp,” Anna Kurachi is considered one of three characters who take cleansing duties on the residence of Yoshitaka Nakabayashi, a 14-year-old multi-millionaire. Nevertheless, the second Nakabayashi desires them to “Name Me Grasp,” what looks like a straightforward job proves to be under no circumstances.

13. Aoi

Aoi is a Japanese title in Japan. It interprets to “hollyhock” or “green-blue.”

In “Working! !” Aoi Yamada is the mysterious lady who accepts a job within the household’s restaurant and lives within the attic of the restaurant. Aoi claims that she’s 16 and no one is aware of for the primary time what she’s like, what age she is or the place she’s from.

14. Aono

Aono will be described as Japanese and it means “my blue-green.”

Aono Morimiya is a serious character within the movie “Sola.” When the primary story takes place, she’s sick within the hospital she’s been because the day of her start. However Aono has a secret in addition to a motive for why she is so sick.

15. Asuka

A gender-neutral Japanese title, Asuka, means “fly like a hen.”

Within the movie “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” Asuka is a pilot who has issue connecting with folks due to a painful childhood occasion. Asuka has a powerful dislike for dolls, and all issues doll-like.

16. Ayu

The Japanese title Ayu is a reference to “sure by love.”

within the animated movie “Kanon,” we encounter Yuuichi Aizawa, who’s pressured after seven years to maneuver to a northern city and keep alongside his grandmother. On this place, he reunites along with his outdated good friend from his childhood, the left-handed Ayu, who’s a teriyaki lover. Ayu.

17. Ayumi

The Japanese title Ayumi signifies “lovely cause.”

Within the movie “Honey and Clover,” Ayumi Yamada is amongst 5 of her classmates from the identical artwork faculty. Ayumi is presented within the artwork of ceramics. Ayumi is called the “Iron Woman” as a result of she walks 4 miles to get to highschool every day.

18. Ayumu

Ayumu is a Japanese title which implies “strolling dream.”

“Azumanga Daioh: The Animation” comprises the weird and weird characters who make up an unknown Japanese secondary faculty. The newest new addition is switch pupil Ayumu Kasuga, who is called “Osaka” after the place the place she is from.

19. Beryl

Beryl is an English title in English. It refers back to the “treasured color of seawater stone.”

Within the story of “Sailor Moon,” Queen Beryl is the villainous queen from an alternate world. Queen Beryl is answerable for the assault on Tokyo and, regardless that she is depicted as a tragic determine inside the comedian, anime portrays her as utterly evil.

20. Celty

Celty is a reputation that was invented for anime. It isn’t a phrase with any that means.

Celty Sturluson is Dullahan’s headless horseman who rides his motorcycle throughout Eire to Japan searching for her lacking head. The character is featured within the present “Durarara! !” Celty might be the title of the anime lady that’s in style with folks with an Irish background.


21. Chiaki

Chiaki is a Japanese title that interprets to “a thousand autumns.”

“Minami-ke” is the story of three sisters. Chiaki is essentially the most junior of the three and this might be a becoming anime title for the third little one inside the clan.

22. Chihiro

A Japanese time period, Chihiro, means “a thousand fathoms.”

Within the story “Ef: A Story of Reminiscences,” Chihiro Shindou spends her complete time in a practice station that has been deserted whereas studying. Her life is modified when Renji Asou walks into her life and so they embark on a voyage of discovery.

23. Chiri

The Japanese title Chiri refers to “a thousand miles.”

“Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei “Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei,” Chiri Kitsu is a instructor who desires all the pieces to be accomplished exactly. That’s why her title was picked Chiri, which is the Japanese phrase that means “exactly.”

24. Diane

Diane Diana is the French title for Diana which implies ” heavenly, divine.”

Within the story “The Seven Lethal Sins,” Diane is a huge 750 years outdated, standing 30 toes tall that may alter the Earth by nature’s closeness to the pure world.

25. Excel

Excel is a time period that was invented to discuss with anime.

The character that’s the title of “Excel Saga,” Excel is enthusiastic, energetic and infrequently troublesome to grasp. However, with Excel being a highly-rated Microsoft software program, the title won’t be obtained equally properly by The Western world.

26. Ezra

Ezra is a Hebrew title which means “assist.”

Ezra Scarlet has been deemed the strongest feminine magician within the animated “Fairy Story.” Deserted when she was a child by the mom of her little one, Ezra is given Scarlett’s title within the first jiffy of the story by a slave named Jellal Fernandes.

27. Faye

Faye originates originated from Faye is derived from the Center English phrase face, which implies “fairy.”

Within the movie “Cowboy Bebop,” Faye Valentine is the thinly taller, engaging member of the staff who’s a formidable punch. A lot undervalued by different groups due to her look Faye can be a talented mark-maker and pilot.

28. Fuko

The Japanese title Fuko is a reference to “maple little one.”

The lovely character Fuko Ibuki from “Clannad” is a beautiful supply of inspiration for a woman’s anime title. However, the resemblance of the title to an English swear phrase may cause issues to your daughter should you determine to go together with this title.

29. Guchuko

Gecko is Guchuko, which is the title of a chocolate ball.

Within the animated sequence “Potemayo,” Guchuko is a mysterious creature that’s seen contained in the fridge of the principal character. Gecko loves consuming chocolate balls, known as tuchus. They will emit power beams from the 2 horns which might be on her head.

30. Hanyuu

The Japanese lady’s title Hayuu Hayuu is a reference to “feather.”

Hanyuu is the central, but enigmatic character from “When They Cry: Kai.” Whereas she appears calm, Hanyuu will be fairly scary when she’s upset. Hanyuu additionally has the behavior of concluding her sentences by saying “It’s so.”


31. Haruhi

With regards to Japanese, Haruhi can discuss with a day of spring or spring sunshine.

“Ouran Excessive Faculty Host Membership” contains Haruhi Fujioka who’s the one pupil with a scholarship on the elite Ouran Academy. Haruhi was carrying chewing gum inside her hair, lower it off and left her new classmates pondering she was male.

32. Haruko

The Japanese title Haruko signifies “spring little one.”

“FLCL “FLCL,” the pink-haired alien, Haruko Haruhara, can be referred to as Wasp Girl as a result of she rides round on an orange Vespa. Haruko’s blue Rickenbacker guitar is strung upside-down with a pull-cord motor that fires bullets and in addition acts as a rocket launcher.

Anime Girl

33. Himeko

Himeko will be described as a Japanese title that interprets to “princess little one.”

“Pani Poni Sprint! “Pani Poni Sprint!” Himeko Katagiri is a schoolgirl who’s unable to focus on one factor for quite a lot of seconds. Himeko wears a lock of hair on her brow which supplies her with the power to be awe-inspiring.

34. Hitagi

Hitagi is a reputation that was created for anime. It isn’t a phrase with any that means.

Hitagi Senjougahara labels herself a Tsundere, a Japanese title for the story arc of a personality that transforms her from standoffish and chilly to pleasant and heat. In “Bakemonogatari,” some would say that she solely has a troublesome, hostile aspect current.

35. Hitoha

Identify: Hitoha means “flower” in Japanese. Hitoshi means “one flower.”

“Mitsudomoe” is the story of three youngsters who couldn’t be extra completely different from each other. The youngest is Hitoha who seems to be the calmest and most mild of the children Nevertheless, it’s not the fact.

36. Hitomi

The Japanese phrase Hitomi refers to “pupil of the attention.”

“Nurse Hitomi’s Monster Infirmary” is a narrative about Hitomi-sensei, a nurse at college who can help with pains from rising and shrinking issues, and physique components that break off or are broken attributable to inexplicably highly effective spells.

37. Ichijou

If written within the type of Tiao, Ichijou is the Japanese phrase which means article.

Within the universe that’s “Paniponi Sprint!” Ichijou is essentially the most weird character. Well-known for her witty feedback, Ichijou can break all of the legal guidelines of physics to create fun.

38. Ika

Ika is Japanese for squid.

Ika Musume performs “The Squid Woman” who emerges from the ocean to stop air pollution from coming into her residence. However, inside a couple of minutes, Ika unintentionally knocks down the wall and should discover a waitress job to cowl the damages.

39. Isumi

The Japanese title Isumi refers to “serene.”

Within the movie “Hayate the Fight Butler,” Isumi Saginomiya performs the companion of the primary protagonist, Nagi Sanzenin. Isumi is well-spoken with lengthy, black locks. She’s often in a kimono.

40. Kaede

Kaede is a Japanese title, which interprets to “maple.”

The gods, kings, and demons are moved subsequent door in Tsuchimi Rin, reworking the lives of Tsuchimi Rin and his childhood pal Kaede Fuyou. Kaede is the confused lady who takes care of Rin as she watches the animated adaptation “Shuffle!”

41. Kafuka

Kafuka is a reputation with no significance. It was made for anime.

Kafuka Fuura supplies a optimistic aspect of the sceptic Nozomu Itoshiki from “Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei.” Her title was influenced by the title Franz Kafka.

42. Kagura

Kagura’s title was written along with his characters “simple” and “god.”

“Gintama “Gintama,” a younger alien referred to as Kagura is dropped at Earth and is attempting to flee her violent previous. Kangura has translucent pores and skin that she guards with an umbrella. It’s an umbrella that may shoot bullets from the information.

43. Kino

Kino is an lovely Japanese title that interprets to “wandering soul.”

The principle character in “Kino’s Journey,” is a young person who travels the world on a bike that talks, about Hermes. In distinction to different tales, Kino and Hermes journey throughout the globe, observing however not in any method influencing the cultures, peoples and customs they meet.

44. Kiri

Kiri is a Maori title which means “pores and skin of a fruit or tree.”

in “Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei,” Kiri Komori is a hikikomori (often known as a recluse) who has a everlasting residence at her faculty. Just a few college students at her faculty consider she is Zashiki-Warashi, which is a spirit-like being. In Japanese, Kiri is translated as “fog.”

45. Kou

Kou is a Hmong phrase which implies “gold.”

Kou is the shrine maiden for the mischievous fox god Tenko Kugen from the anime “Our House’s Fox Deity.” The 2 are positioned within the residence of and guarded by the Mizauchi household. Kou is very expert in fight, and her efforts to seem as an environment friendly home particular person fail hilariously.

46. Konata

Made for anime, Konata has no that means.

“Fortunate Star “Fortunate Star,” Konata Izum is the joyful good friend and eccentric chief of the primary 4 characters. An enormous online game fanatic, Konata works at a cosplay café to fund her gaming ardour.

47. Kotonoha

Kotonoha is translated into Japanese into “phrase” or “language.”

Kotonoha Katsura, is a quiet, softly-spoken feminine character from “Faculty Days,” an anime-inspired by the sport of the an identical title.

48. Kurisu

Kuri refers to Japanese which implies “chestnut.”

The feminine protagonist in “Steins; Gate,” Kurisu Makise is a teen genius who’s a member of the Mind Science Unit. within the graphic novel her hair is chestnut-coloured and therefore her title nevertheless, within the anime it’s purple.

49. Lacus

Lacus means “award” in Latin.

Lacus Clyne has a task in two seasons of “Gundam.” A preferred singer, Lacus is a genetically enhanced human who’s working to finish the battle between the Coordinators and the Naturals.

50. Lina

Lina is a typical title for names which have”lina” as a sound “lina” sound.

“Slayers” options Lina Inverse, a teen sorceress who will be susceptible to reacting too shortly and performing harmful magic, ceaselessly with hilarious outcomes.

51. Lucy

Lucy is an English title that interprets to “mild.”

Lucy Heartfilia performs the primary feminine wizard within the “Fairy Story” universe. With the assistance of Stellar Spirit magic, Lucy can summon many spirits, every considered one of that has its magical energy.

52. Lum

Lum, often known as Ramu, is the Japanese time period used to discuss with lamb.

We debated whether or not or to not embody Lum within the anime as a woman’s title. In the long run, within the storyline Of “Urusei Yatsura,” Lum is an alien princess and never a woman from the human race. However the entertaining storylines impressed by the completely different options of her physique created Lum a straightforward alternative.

53. Machi

Machi means city. Japanese phrase used to explain the city.

“Blue Orchid Island “Blue Orchid Island,” Machi is the bright-eyed, innocent-looking lady who’s, truly, a little bit of a sadist. Machi loves enjoying along with her voodoo doll, and can at all times decide essentially the most harmful technique to carry out any process.

54. Mahoro

Mahoro has no that means.

“Mahoromatic: Computerized Maiden” is the story of Mahoro Andou who’s a formidable battle android. Mahoro has only one 12 months of battery remaining and chooses to steer an atypical life.

100+ Best Anime Girl Names

55. Marii

Marie might be an alteration of Marie which has an unclear that means.

Marii Buratei occurs to be one of many 5 rakugo, storytelling, and women within the animated sequence “Joshiraku.” With lengthy straight, straight, purple hair, Marii speaks in a male-like, curly method and is commonly”the “straight man” to her co-storytellers’ jokes.

56. Megumi

Megumi is a Japanese title, which implies “love.”

“Nodame Cantabile” is the story of Megumi Noda, a talented pianist who performs primarily by the ear. Megumi’s cooking expertise and housekeeping skills are simply as spectacular as her musical expertise. Also referred to as Nodame, Megumi is an precise particular person.

57. Mion

Mion is a mixture of Japanese characters for a fascinating sound.

Mion Sonozaki has the title of the president of the lessons In “When They Cry.” An grownup, proficient at social settings, and an aspiring little bit of a tomboy, Mion calls herself Oji-san (which is “outdated man.” However, Mion does have a hidden female half, even when carrying weapons.

58. Misaki

Its Japanese title Misaki refers to “lovely blossom.”

“Welcome to the N.H.Okay.” is the story of Tatsuhiro Satou the hikikomori throughout considered one of his few journeys exterior, meets Misaki Nakahara. Misaki is set to save lots of Tatsuhiro from his lonely life and the weird conspiracy theories.

59. Miyako

Miyako means Japanese and is a Japanese phrase that means ” lovely little one” or “lovely may.”

The character in “Hidamari Sketch,” Miyako is a snarky classmate who has good ears and a need for meals. Perhaps Miyako might be the anime lady’s title that’s in style with individuals who love music or meals.

60. Murasaki

Murasaki is the Japanese title of the plant lithospermum, often known as erythrorhizon.

Murasaki Kuhouin is a pure-blooded granddaughter of the rich Kuhoin household. The Kuhn household is destined to stay her complete life inside the “Inside Sanctuary,” Murasaki can escape to an space referred to as Might Rain to stay as an atypical particular person.

61. Nadia

Nadia is an Arabic title which means “delicate, moist, tender.”

“Fushigi no Umi no Nadia” is a narrative about Nadia an orphan who doesn’t know her previous. A peaceable vegetarian, Nadia wears a mysterious necklace, is distrustful of adults and is suspicious that she might need an ancestral connection to Africa.

62. Nagisa

The gender-neutral Japanese title Nagisa is a Japanese phrase which means “seaside, shore.”

The principle character of the manga and anime “Clannad” is Nagisa Furukawa Highschool senior who was pressured to repeat the ninth grade attributable to having been hospitalized for 9 months. hospital.

63. Nano

The Japanese Kanji which might be used to spell Nano imply “greens” or “greens” and the possessive phrase.

“My Abnormal Life Episode 0” is the story of a traditional faculty, however it’s not. Nano is a pc with a large key manufactured from metallic in her again that’s repeatedly modified at her needs.

64. Nausicaa

An Anglicized model of a Greek time period, Nausicaa, means “burner of ships.”

Nausicaa isn’t only a expert swordswoman however she’s additionally the princess of the Valley of Wind, the one place of refuge on an Earth destroyed by nuclear battle. Peace is threatened by enemies from whom Nausicaa should defend her folks.

65. Nino

Nino is a Georgian title that might be related with “fish.”

Nino was the primary feminine important character within the movie “Arakawa Underneath the Bridge.” A strong athlete, the title derives from the title on her swimsuit. It says “Class 2-3” or ni-no-san. Nino is the one one to catch all of the fish that feed the village.

66. Nobue

Nobue is a Japanese title that has a that means that’s disputed.

The character with the longest historical past in “Strawberry Marshmallow,” Nobue Itoh, is a Excessive Faculty within the manga however is reworked into a university pupil in anime attributable to her smoking and consuming habits.

67. Noelle

Noelle is an English title derived from the French phrase that means Christmas.

“Black Clover “Black Clover,” Noelle Silva is the silver-haired, fourth little one of the King and is a member of the Black Bull Squad. Silva is unable to manage her magical powers and is shunned by her members of the family when her mom dies, giving start to her.

68. Olivier

Olivier is a Dutch time period which interprets to ” elf warrior.”

Olivier Mira Armstrong Is an officer of the army who’s a army officer in “Fullmetal Alchemist.” A Main Common, Olivier believes in survival of the fittest, and advises her crew members to not go away her behind ought to she be wounded in fight.

69. Popura

Popura will be described as an animated time period which advanced within the title of the tree referred to as the poplar.

Popura was named for the swish, tall poplar tree. It’s ironic contemplating that Popura is brief and awkward. Individuals usually deal with her like an toddler, which is a big error, as different characters from “Working! !” uncover.

70. Rebecca

Rebecca is a Hebrew title that interprets to “to hitch.”

in “Paniponi Sprint!” Rebecca Miyamoto is the daughter of an American father and a Japanese mom and determined to undertake the title of her mom. When she was 9 she was an undergraduate at MIT. She graduated when she was 11 years outdated older and went on to change into a arithmetic teacher for Peach Moon Academy.

71. Rei

Rei comes as an acronym for a Japanese phrase which means lovely.

“Neon Genesis Evangelion “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” Rei Ayanami controls considered one of Eva’s gigantic machines that can be utilized in combating towards the evil angels who’re which might be invading and dismantling the Earth.

72. Rena

Rena will be an English title which interprets to “born once more.”

The lovely Rena Ryuuguu is among the many 4 important characters in “When They Cry.” Rena likes to discover the native dump to search for cute issues that, nearly at all times nobody else would discover lovely. However, Rena can be observant in addition to decided and horrifying when she’s offended.

73. Rika

Rika might be written utilizing characters that signify “pear” and “flowers.”

Rika Furude can be the primary character in “When They Cry.” The idyllic city the place she lives is an undercurrent of terror and darkness. Rika usually ends her sentences with absurd sounds and laces her phrases with sounds and results.

74. Rin

Rin is likely one of the Japanese names that translate to “extreme, dignified, chilly.”

Following the dying of his grandfather The Daikichi Kawachi, a bachelor Daikichi Kawachi is shocked to fulfill Rin his grandfather’s secret unintentional daughter. After everybody else within the household refuses to just accept Rin and she or he’s accepted by Daikichi. The manga “Bunny Drop” tells their story.

75. Riza

Riza originates from Riza a Spanish Surname Racial. It refers to “rice discipline” or “greenfield.”

Throughout the “Fullmetal Alchemist” universe, Riza Hawkeye is the voice of cause and retains Roy Mustang on the straight and slender path and stopping the character from dropping management.

76. Rui

The phrase “Rui” is a Japanese title, the time period used to explain Rui refers to “stream.”

Rui Hoshino is the voice of narration within the novel “Martian Successor Nadesico.” As the primary persona, Rui is a baby prodigy who can connect with the pc of the ship as he retains it operating.

77. Sakaki

Sakari is a kind of tree which is holy to the Shinto faith.

“Azumanga Daioh: The Animation” is a movie that options Sakaki as an imposing lovely, calm, athletic magnificence that the women try to be. Regardless of her look, which is kind of lofty, Sakaki is a soft-hearted and type lady who loves serving to others.

78. Sakura

Sakura is the Japanese title Sakura refers to “cherry blossom.”

Sakura Kinomoto, the title character in “Cardcaptor Sakura,” unintentionally releases a set of magical playing cards that would pose a threat to all of humanity. Sakura should retrieve the playing cards as she tries to find the secrets and techniques of her new magical skills.

100+ Best Anime Girl Names

79. Sayoko

Sayoko is written within the kanji, that means “small, night time, little one.”

In “Mahoraba: Heartful Days “Mahoraba: Heartful days,” Sayoko is a younger lady residing in poverty and utilizing cardboard containers for furnishings. Sayoko is way back separated from her rich and profitable father, a sculptor.

80. Shiki

Shiki is a Japanese title which interprets to “poem of the seasons.”

“The Backyard of Sinners” The character Shiki Ryougi begins the present with three characters which might be male, feminine, and one who is just not gender-specific. After a automobile accident, and a two-year coma Shiki is unable to attach along with her. Shiki additionally turns into a detective of supernatural happenings.

81. Shion

“The Japanese title Shion refers to “aster.”

4000 years in the past, the time when people left the Earth, Shion Uzuki is an engineer in analysis and growth who’s caught on the centre of an epic battle to make sure the survival of mankind inside “Xenosaga: The Animation.”

82. Sofiya

Sofiya is a Russian title that interprets to “knowledge.”

“Black Lagoon,” tells the story that follows Sofiya Pavlovna. A soldier, Sofiya is healthier often called Balalaika a Soviet army slang phrase for the Dragunov Sniper rifle she likes. In Japan, she is working utilizing the title Vladilena. Vasiliev.

83. Shouko

The Japanese title Shouko signifies “clear little one.”

“Baka & Check “Baka & Check,” your entire faculty is classed in response to take a look at scores, slightly than age. Shouko Kirishima is the very best pupil in Class A. She is essentially the most sensible pupil on the faculty. However she is the one who spends most of her time within the class with the bottom grade, an F.

84. Sora

“Sora” is the Japanese phrase which means ” sky.”

Sora Kajiwara is a gifted artist who takes her sketchbook all over the place. With a eager eye for element, Sora makes an attempt to seize the temporality of our lives by her paintings in her “Sketchbook”.

85. Suigintou

The kanji of Suigintou is translated to “mercury lamp.”

Within the story of “Rozen Maiden,” Suigintou is the primary doll to be a part of the Rozen Maiden Assortment. Suigintou differs barely from the novel and animated. The manga depicts she’s received damaged bones, whereas then again, in anime she is proven with an unattached physique half.

86. Solar

The Japanese title Solar is a reference to “sunshine.”

“My Bride is a Mermaid” contains Solar Seto, a teenage Mermaid who helps save the lifetime of a younger man who’s drowning. Since she’s but to be a young person, Solar has hassle sustaining her human look, along with her tail showing at each contact with water.

87. Suiseiseki

Made for the anime, the title Suiseseki is “inexperienced meteorite.”

“Rozen Maiden,” tells the story of 5 animated dolls who seem within the residence that belongs to Jun Sakurada. Suiseiseki will be described as one of many 5 dolls that should battle one another to get the prospect to change into an precise particular person.

88. Taiga

The anime’s title Taiga was designed to sound like Tiger.

Taiga Aisaka is among the many two important characters of “Toradora!” Her tiny dimension and fierce character have earned her the title Palmtop Tiger.

89. Tamaki

Tamaki refers back to the Japanese phrase which means the phrase ring.

Kendo star Tamaki Kawazoe is called Tama-chan by varied characters from “Bamboo Blade.” Whereas she loves kendo, nevertheless, she has no choices as she lives in a Kendo dojo managed by her dad.

90. Tomoko

Tomoko is a Japanese title which means “knowledge little one.”

Plenty of us relate to the charming pupil at highschool Tomoko Kuroki from “WataMote.” Tomoko is considerably awkward in social conditions and isn’t the very best relating to speaking with others, nevertheless, she’s at all times optimistic, and her plans are sometimes not profitable attributable to her spending an excessive amount of time laying aside her plans.

91. Tooru

The Japanese title Tooru refers to “pierce.”

Tooru Honda, is the candy and selfless, cheerful protagonist of “Fruits Basket.” Filled with optimism and compassion in the direction of others, Tooru is so mild she has issue talking her traces whereas performing the function of Depraved stepmother within the faculty’s manufacturing of Cinderella.

92. Tsukasa

The that means behind”Tsukasa” as a Japanese phrase, Tsukasa is just not totally clear.

“Fortunate Star,” tells the story of 4 highschool women, considered one of that are Tsukasa Hiiragi. The sugar in Kagami’s twin sister’s spice, Tsukasa is smaller than the typical child and is commonly sleeping.

93. Ukyo

Ukyo is a gender-neutral Japanese title that’s gender-neutral in Japan. It’s a Japanese phrase that refers to “proper, respect.”

Within the movie “Ranma 1/2,” Ukyo Kuonji chooses to proceed residing as an grownup after being ridiculed in martial artwork lessons. After getting sucked right into a frightened spring, Ranma Saotome turns into a horny lady every time he’s moist. There may be laughter.

94. Wendy

Wendy will be described as an English title which interprets to “white, truthful.”

“Fairy Story “Fairy Story,” Wendy Marvell is the dragon slayer that may manipulate the air round her. Her potential to devour air aids in therapeutic nevertheless that is hindered by air pollution within the setting.

95. Yakumo

The Japanese title Yakumo is a reference to “eight clouds.”

Within the romantic comedic sequence “Faculty Rumble,” the silent character Yakumo Tsukamoto can learn minds and speak to ghosts.

96. Yoko

Yoko is usually a Japanese title that interprets to “ocean little one.”

“Gurren Lagann,” tells the story of a few youngsters, who had been introduced up within the city beneath the floor of the earth. The pair struggle off an assault from above, with assistance from the floor dweller with a gun Yoko Littner.

97. Yui

The Japanese time period, Yui means “to tie, to bind.”

Yui Hirasawa isn’t capable of play an instrument, so she is a member of the varsity’s Mild Music Membership as a result of she believes they play easy music however she’s not. “Okay-On!” follows her story of how she’s accepted by the membership and begins to play the guitar.

98. Yuki

A Japanese title, Yuki, means “happiness.”

“The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” is the story of a highschool group which is concentrated on the supernatural. Yuki Nagato joins the membership as a member after they start having conferences within the room wherein she reads.

99. Yuko

Yuko is a Japanese title, which interprets to “mild little one.”,

Within the story of “Tsubasa Chronicle,” Yuko Ichihara is a wild spirit who’s a lover of meals and drinks, eats and embarks on wild adventures. Being a robust magician with huge understanding, Yuko will be the sensible sage she desires to be.

100. Yuno

The Japanese title Yuno is a reference to “dream.”

Yuno is the primary character of the animated sequence “Hidamari Sketch.” The present follows the story of Yuno when she will get accepted to artwork faculty, strikes out of her residence and strikes into the Hidamari Residences and begins to make acquaintances.

Perhaps an anime?

It’s possible you’ll be a fan of sturdy feminine characters usually or are an enormous fan of anime or a mixture of each the title of an anime lady might be the proper possibility to your model new human.

Though the vast majority of anime names for ladies are derived from Japanese origins There are many choices in different languages too. Even should you select a Japanese one, you’re not prone to be a trigger for concern after folks have gotten past the novelty side.


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